Demo Team Guidelines

These are some guidelines for all Game Brewer and Amuza volunteers. Please don’t sign up for our Demo Team if you don’t agree with them.

Points and Rewards

For every time slot that you volunteer, 3 points will be uploaded to your personal wallet on our demo team website. These points can be exchanged for the board games shown on the Rewards page of our website. Note that these points will be uploaded in advance. In case of a no-show, these points will be removed. If you want to receive your chosen games on the day of the event, please select your rewards at least 14 days in advance. It is possible to save up points, but know that no rewards will be send to you by mail. All rewards are handed over personally on the day of an event.

Cost Expenses

We will provide free still water for all our volunteers on each event. To cover all your other expenses (parking ticket, food, drinks,…) you will receive €15 for every time slot that you volunteer.

Entrance Ticket

1 day events: If you volunteer for the entire day, an entrance ticket will be provided to you.

2-3 day events: If you volunteer at least 2 time slots during the entire event, an entrance ticket for the whole event will be provided to you.

4+ day events: If you volunteer at least 3 time slots during the entire event, an entrance ticket for the whole event will be provided to you.

Arriving on Time & Clothing

If you signed up for a morning shift, please arrive at least 30 minutes early to help with setting up the demo games.

If you signed up for the afternoon/evening shift of the final day, please stay 60 minutes late to help with the clean-up.

All volunteers are expected to wear a Game Brewer or Amuza t-shirt and name badge (both will be provided by us – volunteers who work multiple days will be given one t-shirt for each day).


We expect the members of our demo team to be well prepaired. Before you demo our games, you should have played them multiple times and know the rulebook thoroughly. If you need a physical copy of a game to be able to prepare yourself, please send us a message and we’ll try to get it to you as soon as possible. Please return this copy at the event or select it as a reward if you wish to keep it. All rulebooks can be downloaded on the product pages on

You can select the games you prefer to demo when you register and you can later edit your preferred games list in your personal profile page on our website. With this information, we will pair each volunteer with two demo tables. We will try to share the final planning with you as soon as possible, so you can prepare your assigned game(s). 


If, for some reason, you need to cancel your participation, please let us know as soon as possible so we can find someone to replace you.

If a demo team member cancels last minute several times, we will probably ask them not to sign up for our demo team anymore and delete their account.

Thank you for being a part of our Demo Team!

the Game Brewer Team